Slicex trading bot – sBot

About sBot:

Free automated trading

sBot is a special trading bot that automates and enhances users trading experience on Slicex exchange. Sbot removes fear and emotions from the trading, by allowing traders to execute hundreds of trades based on their predesigned strategy. Retain control of crypto trading 24/7. Create your own trading plan and strategy. Volatility of the cryptocurrency market is not an issue anymore. Trading at increased speed, with possibility to execute hundreds of orders in a second, makes sBot much more effective then any human.


It’s offline

Sbot is completely offline trading bot, which executes API trading calls directly from your working station. Does not include any third party to trust with your API keys. Can’t be more secure then this. User is in total control. Make sure to enable 2FA for your account to enhance security even more. Keep your API keys and password safe. Do not store them online. Generate new API keys from time to time.

sBot specification:

Effectiveness and simulation

sBot analyzes market conditions in multiple assets simultaneously and execute trades whenever there is room for making a profit. Users can choose their own sBot configuration between buy and sell type of order, maximum and minimum price range, maximum and minimum spread between orders and maximum and minimum order volume to be created. Another useful feature, that sBot is equipped with is simulation. User can simulate and view orders even before they are created, in it’s personal sBot console.

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