Slicex exchange update 12 July, 2020

Slicex exchange recently got the biggest and the most important update to date. Now it have simple/basic trading interface, and advanced/pro trading interface.
New version is deployed with advanced features:

★ Market order, Limit order and Stop Limit order are implemented.

★ TradingView chart is being implemented with all advanced features that offer. Now traders can check indicators in real time like, Moving average, Accumulation/Distribution, Average price, Money flow index, Trend strength index, Volatility index and so on.

★ AMI bot – a free simple trading BOT for every user is being implemented into interface. Trader can simply set the quantity of coin that want to trade, buy price, and sell price. And that’s all about it. Bot will buy the quantity on provided price, and sell the same quantity when price reach provided level, making the profit accumulate on user account. The bot works the best when market is moving sideways. If actual coin price goes out of the range, then bot just waits for price to come back to the range, or waits for the user to setup new buy/sell range again.

★ User can now change the modular layout to fit his needs, show or hide certain areas of exchange as well as changing the whole layout as RTL or LTR.

★ Summary of account balance estimation calculation has been fixed.

★ In market order type of trading, clicking on actual buy/sell orders, accumulated number of coins are shown in the “quantity” field.


CEO & Founder of Slicex exchange ★