1 Click Trading mode

Slicex exchange presents ‘One Click Trading‘ mode. This is very useful and simple tool for traders, allowing them to open and close trades immediately at market price, without hassle. It offers the best exchange rate without the need to manually place buy/sell orders by combining all Slicex exchange order books. There are no charts or order books. Everything is simplified to just one operation: Sell or Buy. Trader will choose which coin want to sell, and which coin want to buy. System will calculate automatically how much coins will get for certain amount. If there is no enough coins for trade to occur, system will notify trader that there is no liquidity, which means, trader can’t buy or sell that amount at that point, and it’s advisable to try lowering the amount or to try again later.

It’s simple and secure. Bought coins will show up in user wallet balance on exchange. ‘One Click Trading‘ is very fast and reliable mode, allowing faster and easier assets trading. Similar to SWAP services, except in this mode, everything is instant, and there is no waiting time for blockchain confirmations.

Slicex exchange currently have 3 trading modes:
1 Click Trading, ‘Basic’ and ‘Advanced’ mode.
Basic mode is made for basic trading, without complexity of chart and other advanced tools.
Advanced mode is made for professionals. It has all needed tools for trading, including free trading bot that can be pre-setup to execute orders by itself on trader behalf.


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