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Important notification to all Slicex users!

Withdraw all coins from exchange!

Exchange will be shut down 1st of April.

After this period there will be no way to recover any leftover coins.

Thanks for understanding.



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Trading Bot

Automate your trading

  • About SBOT

    Free automated trading

    sBot is a special trading bot that automates and enhances users trading experience on Slicex exchange. Sbot removes fear and emotions from the trading, by allowing traders to execute hundreds of trades based on their predesigned strategy. Retain control of crypto trading 24/7. Create your own trading plan and strategy. Volatility of the cryptocurrency market is not an issue anymore.
    Trading at increased speed, with possibility to execute hundreds of orders in a second, makes sBot much more effective then any human.

  • Security

    It’s offline
    Yes, it’s real
    Sbot is completely offline trading bot, which executes API trading calls directly from your working station. Does not include any third party to trust with your API keys. Can’t be more secure then this. User is in total control. Make sure to enable 2FA for your account to enhance security even more. Keep your API keys and password safe. Do not store them online. Generate new API keys from time to time.
  • sBot specification

    Effectiveness and simulation
    sBot analyzes market conditions in multiple assets simultaneously and execute trades whenever there is room for making a profit.
    Users can choose their own sBot configuration between buy and sell type of order, maximum and minimum price range, maximum and minimum spread between orders and maximum and minimum order volume to be created.
    Another useful feature, that sBot is equipped with is simulation. User can simulate and view orders even before they are created, in it’s personal sBot console.
  • Policy

    You want to use sBot?
    Yes, the bot is free, and always will be, however, user account must be enabled for bot trading. To be eligable to use the bot, just write us a support ticket, so we can check your account. Your balance must be positive with at least 0.1 BTC or 100000 SLC.

    By using sBot, user is automatically bound to accept Slicex Disclaimer, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.
  • Support

    We are here to help
Trading bot

Know Your Customer

Level 1 ID Verification

Not verified


Email address


Withdrawal limit 1 BTC/d

Level 2 ID Verification



Email address
Verified telephone
2 Factor Authentication


Withdrawal limit 2 BTC/d

Level 3 ID Verification



Starter verified
Identification document
Selfie holding document
Proof of address


Withdrawal limit 100 BTC/d

Level 4 ID Verification



Intermediate verified
Due Diligence


Withdrawal limit: No limit


Buy Cryptocurrency

Bridge between old and new financial world

  • Buy Cryptocurrency

    How to buy crypto?

    We offer you the most reliable, trusted and fastest way to buy cryptocurrencies! Slicex officially affiliated with Binance to offer you the best of the two financial worlds.

    Buy crypto and deposit it directly to your Binance wallet: Once you use one of the options to buy Bitcoin or other crypto, your purchased crypto will go directly to your Binance account.

  • How to

    Important steps to complete the process

    Step 1: Select Fiat currency you want to spend and enter the amount in the first field. 

    Step 2: In second field select the type of crypto you want to buy and click the button.

    Step 3: Login to Binance. If you don’t have account, create one. Your purchased crypto will be deposited directly to your Binance account.

  • Partners

    Binance fiat partners

    Partnered with the most trustworthy third-party companies to make your crypto-buying experience easy and convenient.

    Simplex Koinal TrustToken Paxos
  • Support

    Contact Binance for support:

    Binance customer support service is online 24/7

    Join the Binance community on Telegram

Buy Crypto

Embily card

Bridge between old and new financial world
  • Embily Crypto Cards


    Looking for reliable card to spend your crypto?
    Look no further, this is working one! Embily released a highly customizable, multi-cryptocurrency Mastercard that works everywhere, on every POS/ePOS/ATM around the world. Slicex officially affiliated with Embily to offer you the best of the two financial worlds.

  • Order

    Important steps to complete your card order

    Step 1:
    Create account and submit your KYC. Use Licence key [slicex]

    Step 2:
    To ensure that your KYC and Embily card will be processed, payment of $100 worth of BTC must be confirmed to the following BTC address: 1DrbApoyepUJckCiF7Bh1MRLLtsqrZvbc7

    Step 3:
    Fill the shipping form with your details for DHL card delivery.
    Form: Shipping form

  • Card specification

    Card Currency: (USD)
    Card activation: $2
    Card load: 1%
    Monthly card residency: $0.0
    POS/ePOS retail purchases: 0.0%
    Maximum card load: $13000
    ATM withdrawal limit 24h: $2500
    Included in the price: Delivery by DHL.
    $25 free initial card load.
    Not supported countries: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Crimea, India, Ukraine

  • Customization

    Choose your design

    Emphasize your individuality or highlight the brand of your company with the help of your metal crypto card.
    Our team will help you with development design.
    Customised metal card cost $150.
    Available colors:
    Gold24k, Black, Glossy Pink, Ionized Blue, Red, Brushed Metal
    Contact us at [email protected] or Telegram:

  • Support

    Contact Embily for support:

    $25 will be credited to your card after activation.
    DHL will deliver your card in 3-5 days.
    Customer will get DHL tracking number.

    Email: [email protected]

    4 Robinson Road, #07-01 The House of Eden, Singapore 048543| + 65 8645 17 75 | [email protected]